["Ozzie" and Benjamin Dominguez]

Friends of La Laguna has been awarded a Los Angeles Conservency Preservation Award for 2009. You can find all the information on this award on at: www.laconservancy.org/awards/2009.php4#la

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Hello Everyone,

This is a request from Friends of La Laguna — Ozzie the Octopus is in dire straights and needs to be fixed. If you have been to the park, yellow tape blocks access to our logo. FOLL needs your help now! Please, go to our Donate page and make a tax deductible donation. Call your friends and family. If we can raise $5,000 we will be in perfect position to get the work done. We appreciate all your support! Next year is the 50th anniversary of the park... Ozzie has to look his best! If you have any question, contact us through Facebook or call (626) 287-3346.

Thank you,
Eloy Zarate

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